"All the staff at Ashton Grove have been very friendly and supportive. They go out of their way to provide a great sense of community. In the process of moving here, they made the process very comfortable. We really look forward to the excellent meals that they provide. We can't say enough how much we love living here and have recommended Ashton Grove to other friends." Rogell and Judy B. (SeniorAdvisor.com)

"Love where I live. I am a resident in an independent cottage, which gives me the best of both worlds. I can have my independence, but all the amenities and assistance with meals and activities, classes, therapy, beauty parlor, events, etc. are available for me. The staff from the top down are extraordinary." Bev P. (SeniorAdvisor.com)

"Food choices and quality, variety and personalization of meals. Staff is absolutely wonderful and caring. Willing to do whatever they can to help. They encourage socialization, but are never pushy. A beautiful environment." Deward and Suzanne B. (SeniorAdvisor.com)

"So happy my mother is living here. My sister and I are able to stop by and visit anytime we want. The activities for family gatherings have been great. The staff have been fantastic to work with and are always friendly and inviting. I am beyond happy." Jean W. (SeniorAdvisor.com)

"My mom has been at Ashton Grove for almost a year. Everyone there is wonderful, loving and caring to all the residents. They treat everyone like family, always ready to help. It is a beautiful place to call home. I love where she lives." Debbie W. (SeniorAdvisor.com)

"Have lived at Ashton Grove for one year and so very pleased. Especially now that I am alone; my husband died in June of this year. It was part of his plan to have me settled in our IL cottage before his death. He always thought ahead and I am ever grateful that he did. The caring friends here have help to make this stage of life much easier." Joe (SeniorAdvisor.com)

"It took a miracle to put the stars in place. I went down for breakfast on Sunday, the 17th day of October. Stayed in the lobby for awhile, enjoyed the fire logs in the fireplace, visited with Jenny, Bonnie, Marcie, Teresa and Jack. I left to go home, stepped outside, the back door of a truck opened and a stack of chairs were in the driveway. Troy and Jennifer were rolling tables in place. Back home (cottage), got a jacket (temp 60 degrees), back to the Grove. Surprise, all the tables and chairs were in place, decorated in black and orange with centerpieces of pumpkins, etc. The warmers were in place with chili, bean soup, cornbread and biscuits. Girls were busy with popcorn and cotton candy, hot cider. Very tasty on a cool October day. The cold drink table of cola and water kept Marcie busy, also Audie. Jack on the corner of Ashton Grove's path directing to the office. Would have thought he was guarding Fort Knox. David transporting to and from their cars in golf carts, also to the car show. Men, women and children on the hayrides non-stop. Was a lot of fun. I think with the help of college and high school students, and our people were helping with pumpkin decorating and face painting. The cake walk went well and the bounce play room looked like the children were having fun. I did not stay for bingo. Jimmy and Logan, my brothers, were leaving and I enjoy them being here. They also enjoy being here for me. Logan parked in my driveway and walked, and Jimmy was in his wheelchair. STARS to all the good people at Ashton Grove and the clean-up crew. WOW. Hats off to walk-ins, Melissa, Davonna and others. Jim H. Terry and Amanda on golf carts. Donna at the model cottage. Sarah, Shalanda, Carrie...the beat goes on. Looking forward to the next event. All I can say for myself is 'I love where I live.' Much Love." Bonnie M. 

"I would recommend Ashton Grove Senior Living to everyone. Their staff is very nice and is so wonderful to all the residents. My father-in-law lives there. He is treated with such respect. He loves it there. He is 103 years old. They have lots of activities to keep them busy. We love where he lives!" Brenda S. (SeniorAdvisor.com)

"We have lived here 1 year and 7 months. Very well arranged living spaces in Cottage. Management is very willing to work with us to remedy any problems that may have come up. We are very satisfied and happy with our choices to move to Ashton Grove." Anonymous (SeniorAdvisor.com)

"The staff gives their best effort every day in dealing with all of us that function at different levels. The facility is well appointed and great place to live. Most of the residents are happy to live here. Some don't understand why they're here, but others try to help them to adjust. It's a great atmosphere. Laughter is practiced here everyday." Carol P. (SeniorAdvisor.com)

"Our family loves Ashton Grove. The care, facility, and culture is second to none. My father passed away 8 years ago, and my mother has felt pretty out of sorts without him. Now, four months of living at Ashton Grove, she says 'I feel like I'm finally home.'" John (SeniorAdvisor.com)

"My mom is a resident at Ashton Grove. The decision to move mom was very difficult and emotional. The entire staff was absolutely wonderful. They were attentive, compassionate, professional and very accommodating. Mom has been treated with kindness and respect. The facility is beautiful. It is clean, welcoming and hosts many activities. Ashton Grove is a place that everyone would be proud to call home." Laura D. (SeniorAdvisor.com)

"This is a brand new community. I get along with the staff really well and my loved one can be difficult but they handle it well. My loved one is diabetic and they watch her dietary needs to make sure that she is good to go. They have a sorority that comes into the community for activities, and an outside area for them to hang out in. Everything is in one payment and that is nice that there is no extra cost unless cosmetic things." Alicia H. (SeniorAdvisor.com)


It’s hard to believe Dad is going on his third week at Ashton Grove. I want to let you know we are all satisfied with the care he is receiving. Jennifer and her team are the best! After 4 years with Dad being in care I can finally have piece of mind that he is receiving the best care and I have no worries, warm heart.

The encouragement and reassurance from Teresa Wolfe is what gave me the strength to put one foot in front of the other and finally make this move. Teresa really shows she cares about the individual and I appreciate her concern for Dad’s well being.

I look forward to my visits with Dad in such a vibrant home. Thank You!"

"I appreciate that you are there for our dad. Words are not enough to express my gratitude." Resident's son 

"To all the workers at Ashton Grove, we certainly appreciate all of your loving care for our dear parents, Faye & Harold. They are gems and you are truly taking care of them as so. Thank you for your gentle and loving care. A small gift to each of you to make your hands as soft and tender as your hearts. We appreciate you all!" Tanya & Karen, resident's daughters

"I'm so happy for [my dad] to have so many things to do, things that he enjoys. Thank you and the others for taking care of him." Resident's son 

"Speechlessly touched by the joy we see in this photo...always enjoyed this book when [it was read by] mom." Resident's daughter regarding reading time photo  

"Dear friends at Ashton Grove, your dinners are wonderful, wish I could cook like that. You are all so nice and friendly, we need more people like you all. May God bless each of you. Keep up the good work." In Christian love, Kent and Julia R.

"Love it. When she first got there, that outfit fell off her. So happy that she's eating." Resident's Power of Attorney 

"I was able to visit the assisted living and memory care of Ashton Grove. The community is phenomenal. The aesthetics are beautiful, the people are extremely caring, the food is of high quality, and the rooms are extremely classy and beautiful. They have a fully equipped exercise room, personal spa, a chapel, and laundry facilities, so it's much like a resort lifestyle. There's also an attached horse farm, so the residents could interact with the horses that are on the property, then they have some kind of chat time where they sit around, have a chat, and they are served milkshakes. There's a happy hour every day at 4:00 too." Marianne (Caring.com) 

"Dear Davonna and Melissa -

To say the one year celebration at Ashton Grove was an absolutely and amazingly wonderful event would be an understatement. The celebration yesterday was perfect!

The appearance and atmosphere were truly celebratory! Crafts made by residents were lovely - and impressive! Food prepared by Sarah DiFabio and staff was delicious! Even with all the busy demands of the day, Emily and Nate found time to prepare eggs for mother in the middle of the afternoon because she didn't feel well and was unable to join in the lovely festivities. Staff and volunteers were so very friendly - making all attending feel special and valued. The music and activities were enjoyable and ideal...especially when I could win a game of billiards from my nephew!

My heart and spirit were inspired to look around and observe residents and families, of several generations, together and laughing and smiling and enjoying the day together...a real celebration after such a difficult year caused by demands of the corona virus pandemic.

I truly hope you, and all staff and volunteers, are pleased with the day and feel a sense of pride and reward for planning and executing a beautiful one-year anniversary event! Congratulations on the perfect event...and for getting through a most demanding year with model patience while demonstrating caring hearts and loving compassion!

You and all at Ashton Grove are truly blessings to so many! Thank you, thank you...thank you!

With appreciation,
Mark N.

"Ashton Grove Senior Living is a new facility with top qualities. The staff are caring and always pleasant. We have been happy with all the accommodations." Anonymous (Caring.com) 

"I have been wondering for many years why I was saved when I had a malignant melanoma in the late 1980s. What plan God had for me. I believe I have discovered His plan. I love where I live. I have met many wonderful people along my journey to [this place], but I never felt satisfied that I made a difference. I believe I can make a difference. I can make people smile. I can bring joy. I feel satisfied. I do love where I live. I believe in the sign Welcome Home. I am here to help bring joy and smiles to Ashton Grove Senior Living. I feel satisfied. Love where you live. Feel satisfied!!!" Jane Y.R. 

"Thank you so much for the delicious lunches. You have a great chef. And peanut butter cookies! I had to share one with my hubby as they are his favorite. It was so good to see your finished building with all of its wonderful components. Your residents certainly should “love where they live!” I drove around back and sat and watched the horses. It is a wonderful collaboration to pair with Old Friends. I have a school friend who rescues horses in Huntsville and I have shared it with her. Thanks again for a fun outing. Beautiful day for a drive and seeing favorite faces." Lorri M.

"Our family has been blessed by this senior living group. We moved our beautiful Mother here at the end of December. She has been very happy here and we have felt very comfortable with her care. They make sure she feels welcome and safe daily. Giving your parents a safe place to live is one of the greatest gifts you can give as an adult child. I would highly recommend Ashton Grove. If you are looking for a home for your parents who still can live independently and love to share memories and make new ones, check this place out, you will be blessed." Maureen B.

"We started our journey late September 2020 by chance. We saw the welcome sign and drove in. We went in to see what this community was about. WELL, it is about Love: the people who work here and the people who live here. By the middle of October, we had made our decision after many conversations with Melissa. Put our house on the market, sold it and moved in December. Unbelievably professional, friendly and inviting Ashtongrove staff. Davonna, the Director, is so welcoming. Southern Concierge was sent to help us downsize, pack and move us. So when we drove in and saw 'Welcome Home,' we felt the joy and love. It's now February 2021 and three snow/ice storms later, we know we made the right decision. Everything shows the love: the delicious meals, the activities (love Bingo), exercise (chair yoga) and let's not forget Bob and I received both doses of the Covid-19 vaccine. I know I could go on and on, but I invite y'all to stop by. Talk with Melissa and Davonna and staff. The cottages are beautiful, roomy, comfortable. NO more bills for utilities, cable, internet, home security, telephone, repairs or shoveling snow. Can't wait for spring to see the beautiful flowers. Finally, the Old Friends horses that make our retirement and theirs so happy. Y'all COME and be WELCOMED HOME. You will feel the love from the staff and neighbors as if you lived here all your life." Jane R. 

"The staff at Ashton Grove are some of the most kind and compassionate people I've met in Georgetown! You can see that they truly care about the physical and mental wellbeing of their residents! The facilities are beautiful and you just can't beat the retired racehorses in the barn in the back! What a great idea and special benefit for all those living and working at Ashton Grove!" Kris C. 

"Dear Davonna and every team member there! Thank you for the phenomenal love, care and fun all your employees provide...and for all the measures you take to keep all safe! You are all truly stellar examples of what high quality living and loving of our beloved seniors can look like! After all the love and care my Mom and Dad have provided to so many of their elderly relatives over the years, we are overwhelmingly thankful and deeply comforted to know that Ashton Grove is there for them, ESPECIALLY DURING AN UNEXPECTED PANDEMIC!!! Thank you for everything! I truly can't say it enough! With continued appreciation from Bob and Carole's deeply thankful oldest daughter." Donna L. 

"We participated in the Tuesday Grub a few times. The staff is unbelievable. I know this place is remarkable because of the people we met. They don't just hire anyone. They were raising money for Alzheimer's and really going out of their way to make everything very special. This is definitely an upscale senior living place." Sandy H. 

"OMG! The reuben is as good as any we’ve ever had (and the beets were so yummy)! Then a key lime pie worthy of the name ... our tongues are still dancing! Big thanks to Chef Sara and staff!" J. & J. G. 

"We understand your predicament with starting up and these new regulations you have to abide by with COVID. We've been dealing with several guidelines with opening our church back up and our first in-person service is this Sunday. Mom and Dad love the way we set up and feel very comfortable here. They are so happy being able to have their final years together. We are so happy to know they are well taken care of. Lol - I know my dad is planning their first date together to dinner (dining hall) and movies (theater room) when out of quarantine. Thank you for making the transition go smoothly." Family members 

"How unexpected and so nice of Shannon to deliver two complete Chick-Fil-A meals to Jo and me today!! You guys are the best and most thoughtful ever. Thank you. We miss our times seeing you and current and future Ashton Grove residents." John & Jo

"What a warm and welcoming place. Very caring and attentive staff. Lots of great activities for residents with a lovely dining experience." Andrew A.

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